ALMAZ SS19 - All is full of love

written by ALMAZ TEAM | date 23 Nov 2019

The promise of immortality and the ability of humans to set themselves free from old age, suffering and death no longer seem like the stuff of fiction. Science, especially artificial intelligence, seems to be hard at work in fulfilling this endeavor. In light of these new ideas, the new ALMAZ SS19 collection puts forth a discourse about the human body and its developmental possibilities in contemporary society.

The exposure and overexposure of the human body, the state-of-the-art technological and surgical solutions, the development of families of acids and that of invasive, radical facial remodeling interventions, the obsession and mania of youth – all these are reflected in the ALMAZ collection.

The surprising juxtapositions of materials (jersey and lace), the continuous deconstruction and reconstruction, the contrasting stylistic associations (street style elements with boudoir dresses) are the defining elements of the ALMAZ signature. The color palette of the collection is austere (black, blue, gray); however, it reflects, visually and artistically, the theme of the collection. Nude colors are inserted as a tribute to the culture of the skin, and the choice of a plastic mannequin is actually a reflection upon concepts such as seriality, replica and (artificial) beauty algorithms.