Created by designer Andra Olaru as a fashion statement brand, ALMAZ took on a challenging and delicate mission: empowering women to feel free. Free to step up, speak up and overcome whatever social barriers may stand in their way. ALMAZ empowers women to believe in their own beauty and express who they truly are, voice their opinions and wear them proud.

By embracing femininity with all its beautiful contradictions, the ALMAZ brand universe showcases women’s complex nature just like a diamond reveals its multiple facets, by letting them shine one by one. Ranging from charming insecurities to breathtaking sensuality, the ALMAZ looks encompass a woman's reactions and feelings to everyday life.

Based in Romania, the ALMAZ brand philosophy travels across continents and leaves its mark in stores from the greatest cities in the world: Beverly Hills, Hong Kong, Seoul, Tel Aviv, Beirut, Wien, Milano, Florence.


The collections, each one with a different theme inspired by a meaningful moment in a woman’s life, feature ready-to-wear pieces, already styled together to create "Total Looks" that showcase the designer's creative vision. Deconstruction and assymetrical tayloring are the ALMAZ modus operandi, used to set apart iconic feminine looks, reinterpret them and bring them back up as reinvented, strong-minded and fierce New Femininity looks.

Each ALMAZ piece is a fashion statement in itself. Created from contrasting fabrics - lace, leather, silk, sequins, organza, denim, velvet, knitwear, but also feathers, fur, shearling - the designs are meant to meticulously reflect what goes through a woman's heart and mind before allowing herself to step out into the world and be seen.

The texture clash - smooth and delicate vs. rough and tough - culminates with the ALMAZ signature look, the brand's trademark: the lace on ripped jeans embroidery.


Fashion designer & Creative Director Andra Olaru founded the ALMAZ brand in 2014, soon after graduating from Istituto Marangoni. The first collection got immediate international attention, as it was took on by a renowned fashion showroom in Milano. Her creative creed is that all tools of visual expression, with fashion being the ringleader, should inspire women to free themselves from societal roles and restrictions and empower them to be themselves, overcome their inner critic, embrace their contradictions and let their beautiful personality shine through, unfiltered, uncompromising, unapologetic.