ALMAZ FW19 - Feminist sociology

written by ALMAZ TEAM | date 23 Nov 2019

In her new 2019 fall-winter collection, ALMAZ fashion designer Andra Olaru has drawn up a declaration of independence: one that blends Simone de Beauvoir's eloquently articulated values with the detachment and the volatility of 90's pop culture and subculture.

In a world of shifting, volatile values, one must (again) trigger articulated and unflinching discussions about gender empowerment, feminist ethics, symbolical power, feminist sociology, gender stereotypes, and masculine chauvinism.



The Gothic, BDSM fetish and "boudoir" elements in the collection represent a statement and a form of irony regarding the recurring themes of gender stereotyping. The surprising, unpredictable lace inserts, the naughtily placed zippers, the combinations of materials (knit fabric, jeans, velvet, felt, silk, sequins), the eclecticism of the recurring themes - all these apparently discontinuous pieces come together to make up the 2019 ALMAZ fall-winter manifesto.



The central elements of the collection are: reinterpreted, potentially versatile men's suits, jersey pullovers that graciously dance between overload and minimalism, reconstructed evening gowns, and re-imagined jeans pieces.